Volksbühne Berlin, Berlin/Germany

Since it first opened, the Volksbühne has had a strong focus on the development and impact of new forms of theatrical productions. Built in 1914 by the architect Oskar Kaufmann, the Volksbühne am Rosa Luxemburg Platz seats over 800 people.  Its construction was financed solely by donations from members of the Verein Freie Volksbühne (Association for a Free People’s Theatre) with so-called “workers’ pennies”. Throughout its history, the Volksbühne has been shaped by directors, authors and artists who constantly challenge the boundaries of classical spoken theatre - names like Max Reinhardt, Erwin Piscator, Benno Besson, Heiner Müller, Frank Castorf, Christoph Schlingensief are intrinsic to the theatre.

Florian Hein is a stage director, choir director, and writer. From 2012 to 2017 he studied directing at the Ernst Busch Academy of Dramatic Arts. He has staged productions at venues such as the bat-Studiotheater in Berlin, the WUK Theater Quartier in Halle, the Mecklenburgisches Staatstheater in Schwerin, the Schauspiel Hannover, and in 2020 he is staging a production at the Volksbühne Berlin for the very first time.

One of the main focal points of his productions is his work with choral speaking, which operates at the interface between speaking and singing. For his play Nichts tun—Florian Hein. Es gehr nur um mich (Doing Nothing—Florian Hein. It’s All About Me), he founded a speaking choir in Berlin in 2016, in 2019 he launched the Chor des Ostens at the WUK Theater Quartier in Halle, and in spring 2020 he founded the Konsensklub at the Schauspiel Hannover. He is also a dramatist and performer, and has collaborated with the performance collective Das Helmi, as well as the directors Josephine Witt, Rebekka David, Olga Hohmann, Bendix Fesefeldt, and Dennis Metaxas.

> Production Hammer&Spiegel(Mirror). A film from the theatre.