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ZoomTime [SMUTA]

Center of Contemporary Art DAKH, Kyiv/Ukraine
Performance | In Ukrainian with English subtitles

A new theatrical format!

A large-scale theatrical painting in three acts—a dense sensory immersion into the Time of Troubles. Live acting and viewing enables us to live inside the birth of a period marked by natural disasters and severe political, economic, social, and state crises. Death is very modern. So is the courage to make a choice—any choice.

ZoomTime [SMUTA] is a joint project by director Vlad Troitskyi, playwright and theater philosopher KLIM, and a new generation of DAKH actors. It is dedicated to the Smuta period: Godunov, Ivan the Terrible, False Dmitry, Marina Mniszech… A period when everything in life that was certain, everything that life was built upon, turned out to be irrelevant.

For participating in the performance, please register until latest 23.06. via

Director: Vlad Troitskyi
Playwright: KLIM
Project manager: Andriy Palatnyi

With: Igor Dymov (8 nobleman, Marina's father, Shuiskyi, murderer), Vlad Gogol (7 nobleman), Nadiya Golubtsova (1 and 4 nobleman, Ksenia, daughter), Martha Oleksandra Indik (5th nobleman), Vira Klimkovetska (2nd nobleman), Shuiskyi Semen Kyslyi (Boris Godunov), Odovalskyi Volodymyr Lutikov (3 nobles), Оlexandr Martynenko (Dimitrius), Andriy Palatnyi (King, Shuiskyi, Patriarch Iyov), Volodymyr Rudenko (6 nobleman, jester)

A coproduction between the Center of Contemporary Art DAKH and Volksbühne Berlin

In cooperation with OpenTheatre