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A film from the theatre.

Volksbühne Berlin, Berlin/Germany
Film | German with English subtitles | 66 min

Long ago Karl Marx said that art is not a mirror held up to reality, but a hammer with which to shape it. In the land of Hammer&Spiegel (Hammer&Mirror) we agree with this statement—or at least most of us do. The year is 2321, and there are personal interconnections and clashes in our ranks.

D         What do you want from me?
A         N
D         I know.
A         What do you want from me?
D         Everything.
A         That is too much.

In the end it is no longer about political squabbling, but about private fears and desires. The age of a polarized and politically divided society is over. The chorus and the individual appear together in the same landscape. And it is flourishing. It will continue to flourish until Parsifal comes to help those who do not want any help.

Director: Florian Hein
Camera: Mathias Klütz, Kathrin Krottenthaler, Nicolas Keil
Editing: Kathrin Krottenthaler
Stage Design: Konrad Walkow
Costumes: Eleonore Carrière
Sound: Hannes Fritsch, Tobias Gringel
Music: Maximilian Riethmüller
Lighting: Denise Potratz
Makeup: Ilona Seifert
Dramaturgy: Elif Sözer
Dramaturgy Internship: Theresa Selter
Production Assistance: Michael Ladner, Jan Jordan

With: Jella Haase, Amal Keller, Robert Kuchenbuch, Henriette Kupke, Vanessa Loibl, Emma Rönnebeck, Sylvana Seddig