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Maria Klassenberg. Home choreographies

TR Warszawa, Warsaw/Poland
Performance | In English | 48 min

Maria Klassenberg. Home choreographies is a humorous, critical commentary on the current situation of recommended isolation. Imprisoned as a result of the pandemic, artists join an online superproduction in order to legitimize their existence, creative output, and professional status. Maria Klassenberg. Home choreographies is an artistic objection to the imperative of constant creation and an affirmation of rest. We wish to erase the boundaries between the creators and the audience, between the theater and modern technology.

Director, Concept: Katarzyna Kalwat
Dramaturgy, Text: Beniamin Bukowski
Director's Asstistant: Piotr Pacześniak
Music: Wojtek Blecharz
Coordination: Wojciech Sobolewski
Producer: Magda Igielska

With: Jan Dravnel, Sarah Franke, Daniel Nerlich, Justyna Wasilewska
Guest appearance: Anda Rottenberg

A coproduction between TR Warszawa and Volksbühne Berlin

Supported by the Foundation for Polish-German Collaboration and the Polish Institute Berlin


Katarzyna Kalwat is a director and a graduate in political psychology from the Jagiellonian University in Krakow as well as from the Directing Department of the Aleksander Zelwerowicz Theater Academy in Warsaw. SheThe director is interested in processual forms and working at the interface of different artistic disciplines as well as studying the common ground between performance and theater. Some of her notable productions include a performance of Holzwege (as part of the Young TR program at TR Warszawa, 2016) that won the Grand Prix at the 22nd National Competition for the Display of Polish Contemporary Art, Reykjavik '74 (Wilam Horzyca Theater in Toruń, 2017), Landszaft (Łaźnia Nowa Theater in Krakow, 2017), and Robert Walser. I would prefer not to to (CCA Ujazdowski Castle in Warsaw, 2018). She is the laureate of a French Government scholarship for documentary film and the director of Rechnitz. Opera. The Exterminating Angel, produced by TR Warszawa.

Wojtek Blecharz (Voytek Blehash) is a composer. Since 2012 Blecharz has been curating the Instalakcje music festival at Warsaw’s Nowy Theater, featuring non-concert music: sound installations, performance installations, sound sculptures, music videos, music theater and others. Blecharz has also directed three of his opera-installations Transcryptum (2013) commissioned by Grand Theater National Opera in Warsaw, Park-Opera (2016) commissioned by Theater Powszechny in Warsaw and Body-Opera commissioned by Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival (2016). In 2018 composed opera FIASKO, commissioned by Staatstheater Darmstadt, in 2019 Rechnitz.Opera for 6 actors and 4 cellos, commissioned by Warsaw Autumn Festival and TR Warszawa. Currently working on his 3rd Symphony for 200 wireless speakers commissioned by Donaueschingen Musiktage  and a retrospective for New Empathies Festival (Radial System, Berlin).