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POSTWEST - something digital

Teatrul Tineretului, Piatra Neamț/Romania
Video essay | Romanian with English subtitles

The video essay seeks to offer a glimpse into the process of creating a theatre performance, a process interrupted and transformed due to the actual situation. Composed of fragments of ideas, thoughts, and reactions, the collage invites us to reflect on visible and invisible borders, particularly during this moment of crisis that might reshape our understanding of what Europe is today and what it could or should be. It is also a way to make peace with a difficult situation, to move forward and search for new possibilities.

A concept by Gianina Cărbunariu, Mihai Păcurar and Dorothee Curio (Germany)
Composer and Sound Designer: Alex Halka
Assistant Director: Vlad Socea
Video Documentation Câmpulung: Vlad Petri
Research: Valer Simion Cosma

A coproduction between Teatrul Tineretului and Volksbühne Berlin

Funded by Consiliul Județean Neamț/Neamț County Council
Supported by Romanian Cultural Institute „Titu Maiorescu” Berlin