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"Your Internet Connection is Unstable"

TR Warszawa, Warsaw/Poland

Over the past three months the artists involved in the POSTWEST project only saw each other in the windows of virtual messengers. Digital transmission sometimes stopped characters mid-gesture; they were often blurred, indistinct, words and information were sometimes lost. The message we often saw on our computer screens—“Your internet connection is unstable”—gained a symbolic meaning. Every day we challenged isolation and fought for contact against all odds.

In the series of portraits “Your Internet Connection Is Unstable Anna Tomczyńska captures the specificity of this time, creating a gallery of artists’ portraits based on digital broadcasts. Her method for capturing these portraits is a combination of digital photography and transmission via Zoom. During individual meetings with the POSTWEST creators, projections of them appear on the wall of Anna Tomczyńska’s studio in different textures and colors, depicting each of them in their natural habitat, the building or theater that they work in everyday. The other part of the series consists of artists’ portraits placed in a virtual Volksbühne space created by Anna Tomczyńska for this occasion.

Artist: Anna Tomczyńska

A coproduction between TR Warszawa and Volksbühne Berlin