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Cannon Fodder

KatlZ, Riga/Latvia
Performance | In Russian, Latvian and English with German and English subtitles | 37 min

Today we live in a world where any of us can become “cannon fodder.”
And in fact, some of us have already become it. And it’s not as if it was somehow different before.
No, it was about the same. But it is only now that we have fully—and irrevocably—grasped this.
The entropy that haunts us and is part of us is inevitable. It is a law of physics.
It is unconditional. Nonetheless, can we overcome this law, can we inhale and exhale,
can we hear the sound of the wind following our breath?
Can we reduce the amount of entropy in this world?
Perhaps not. But we must. Stop being cannon fodder.

Director, Stage Design: Dmitriy Volkostrelov
Playwright: Pavel Pryazhko
Video Editor: Dmitry Volkostrelov
Assistant of director, stage and costumes designer: Alena Starostina
Composer: Dmitry Vlasik
Video Engineer & Shooting: Maxim Shesterikov
Makeup and Hairstyle: Ilze Trumpe
Sound: Olivers Tarvids
Creative Producer: Evgenia Shermeneva
Light Design: Andrejs Jarovojs
Translation into English: Alexander Vartanov
Translation into Latvian: Arvis Viguls
Executive producer: Andra Treibaha
Costumes by One Wolf (Latvia)

With: Anta Aizupe, Jana Jacuka, Inese Pudzha

A coproduction between KatlZ and Volksbühne Berlin
In cooperation with Gertrudes ielas teatris and Maija Pavlova
Supported by One Wolf, SNOB, Pastaiga
Special thanks to TELE2 Latvia for providing the technical equipment and streaming technologies.