Staged Realities


An exhibition by EEP Berlin & Ostlook Platform


Maya Hristova and Jewgeni Roppel, the respective founders of the platform EEP Berlin & Ostlook, are passionate about Eastern European photography and have joined forces for this exhibition, which is an attempt to expand the imagination of the so-called East through contemporary photography and other visual practices. This is done in collaboration with emerging and established artists who are developing their own visual language. Hristova and Roppel present these projects on their online platform, as well as in exhibitions, collaborations with international photography festivals, and their own magazine format.

Staged Realities presents a selection of images by eleven artists who use their own unique visual imagery to retransform reality and the body and to create new layers of interpretation. The exhibition is presented in the form of posters around Berlin and is documented on the POSTWEST \\ guess where website.

Weronika Gęsicka (Poland)
Svitlana Levchenko (Ukraine)
Rafał Milach (Poland)
Peter Puklus (Hungary)
Viacheslav Poliakov & Elena Subach (Ukraine)
Agnieszka Sejud (Poland)
Syncrodogs (Ukraine)
Danila Tkachenko (Russia)
Dominic Wojciechowski (Poland)
Yan Yugay (Russia)

Curated by Jewgeni Roppel and Maya Hristova

Photo Credit: Rafał Milach, from „The First March of Gentlemen” series, 2017