POSTWEST band complete POSTWEST band complete

A musical performance by Dakh Daughters

Center of Contemporary Art DAKH, Kyiv/Ukraine | Performance

It is like a mirror in which the female actors look at themselves and share their personal stories. What does it mean to be an artist? Does it equal a life full of joys and pleasures? Is the whole world in fact a theater? The Dakh Daughters singers are used to wearing makeup on stage—their style is a bleached “puppet” face. Yet their real mask is their stage presence. This basic neutral cover unites different characters, different destinies, different sounds, and the voices of each band member. This musical performance tells the stories of actors without makeup, resulting in the creation and composition of poems and songs. > More

ZoomTime [SMUTA]

Center of Contemporary Art DAKH, Kyiv/Ukraine | Performance

A large-scale theatrical painting in three acts—a dense sensory immersion into the Time of Troubles. Live acting and viewing enables us to live inside the birth of a period marked by natural disasters and severe political, economic, social, and state crises. Death is very modern. So is the courage to make a choice—any choice. > More


Center of Contemporary Art DAKH, Kyiv/Ukraine | Performance

Invited by the Center of Contemporary Art DAKH, theatremakers from different countries came together every Sunday from 01.04.-24.05.20 in an online live performance for the Alambari project. > More