POSTWEST band complete POSTWEST band complete

Maria Klassenberg. Home choreographies

TR Warszawa, Warsaw/Poland | Performance

Maria Klassenberg. Home choreographies is a humorous, critical commentary on the current situation of recommended isolation. Imprisoned as a result of the pandemic, artists join an online superproduction in order to legitimize their existence, creative output, and professional status. Maria Klassenberg. Home choreographies is an artistic objection to the imperative of constant creation and an affirmation of rest. We wish to erase the boundaries between the creators and the audience, between the theater and modern technology. > More

"Your Internet Connection is Unstable"

TR Warszawa, Warsaw/Poland | Photography

Over the past three month the artists involved in the POSTWEST project only saw each other in the windows of virtual messengers. Digital transmission sometimes stopped characters mid-gesture; they were often blurred, indistinct, words and information were sometimes lost. The message we often saw on our computer screens—“Your internet connection is unstable”—gained a symbolic meaning. Every day we challenged isolation and fought for contact against all odds. > More


TR Warszawa, Warsaw/Poland

The team of TR Warszawa will join us for a round of POST-PRODUCTION. > More