POSTWEST band complete POSTWEST band complete

A musical performance by Dakh Daughters

Center of Contemporary Art DAKH, Kyiv/Ukraine | Performance

It is like a mirror in which the female actors look at themselves and share their personal stories. What does it mean to be an artist? Does it equal a life full of joys and pleasures? Is the whole world in fact a theater? The Dakh Daughters singers are used to wearing makeup on stage—their style is a bleached “puppet” face. Yet their real mask is their stage presence. This basic neutral cover unites different characters, different destinies, different sounds, and the voices of each band member. This musical performance tells the stories of actors without makeup, resulting in the creation and composition of poems and songs. > More

Tanya's Birthday. Berlin

Ģertrūdes ielas teātris, Riga/Latvia | Performance

A point of convergence in European history—the year 1989, or more specifically, the period between the Baltic Way and the fall of the Berlin Wall—serves as the point of departure for the production Tanya’s Birthday. Berlin. > More

Cannon Fodder

KatlZ, Riga/Latvia | Performance

Today we live in a world where any of us can become “cannon fodder.”
And in fact, some of us have already become it. And it’s not as if it was somehow different before.
No, it was about the same. But it is only now that we have fully—and irrevocably—grasped this.
The entropy that haunts us and is part of us is inevitable. It is a law of physics. > More

Date an Eastern European

STEREO AKT, Budapest/Hungary | Performance

The Hungarian theater collective STEREO AKT is taking on the role of matchmaker and inviting the audience on an online date. Everything has been prepared: a cosy restaurant with a good atmosphere, a friendly waiter with a nice smile, and, most importantly, an attractive dating partner from Eastern Europe. The spectator—you—simply has to take a seat and get to know them. But what does it mean to be Eastern European? And to date one? > More

Maria Klassenberg. Home choreographies

TR Warszawa, Warsaw/Poland | Performance

Maria Klassenberg. Home choreographies is a humorous, critical commentary on the current situation of recommended isolation. Imprisoned as a result of the pandemic, artists join an online superproduction in order to legitimize their existence, creative output, and professional status. Maria Klassenberg. Home choreographies is an artistic objection to the imperative of constant creation and an affirmation of rest. We wish to erase the boundaries between the creators and the audience, between the theater and modern technology. > More

A different kind of white

Vaba Lava, Tallinn/Estonia | Performance

A young man from Estonia goes to Senegal. Escaping to the future has always been his credo, and now here he is, an actor working in Senegal on his next show. Meeting a local, something happens that makes him ask himself difficult questions about one layer of his identity, and he realizes he cannot escape. As a cliché, whiteness is usually conflated with the West. But what if you only recently rejoined the West and were born poor and unsexy in the East? Does white privilege apply to you? Of course it does, objectively, but your subjective inner feeling might insist that there are shades and nuances with regard to class and history. White supremacy can fuck itself, but so can smug privilege that doesn’t remember the price of milk. > More

ZoomTime [SMUTA]

Center of Contemporary Art DAKH, Kyiv/Ukraine | Performance

A large-scale theatrical painting in three acts—a dense sensory immersion into the Time of Troubles. Live acting and viewing enables us to live inside the birth of a period marked by natural disasters and severe political, economic, social, and state crises. Death is very modern. So is the courage to make a choice—any choice. > More


Center of Contemporary Art DAKH, Kyiv/Ukraine | Performance

Invited by the Center of Contemporary Art DAKH, theatremakers from different countries came together every Sunday from 01.04.-24.05.20 in an online live performance for the Alambari project. > More