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A Visit to the Golden Meadow

by Florian Hein | Literature

Today I went on an outing to the Golden Meadow. The ‘Goldene Aue’, as it is called in German, is a long valley in the East of Germany, the former GDR, which runs from Nordhausen to Sangerhausen, bounded on either side by ridges of hills. In the middle of the valley is a reservoir which on a fine day reflects the sky. The higher range of hills is called the Kyffhäuser. A stone tower stands there as a reminder of the legend of the Golden Meadow. King Barbarossa, a banished and forgotten German emperor, is said to be hidden away in a cave in the Kyffhäuser. He has been there for centuries, so long that his beard has grown into the stones. But when he wakes and comes storming out, he will fight the last battle between good and evil, and Germany will once again shine in its old might and glory... > More

The Ideal (Post)Socialist Woman?
Gender and Sex Stereotypes in Eastern Europe Through the Lens of Female Artists

Yevgenia Belorusets, Katja Fedulova, and Katarzyna Kalwat | Literature

Socialist societies have long been considered the birthplace of equality in that they relied on the integration of women into the workforce. The tireless fighter, the working woman, the wise life companion, the devoted mother, and of course the unapproachable beauty: all of these normative roles are being challenged and broken down in Eastern Europe today. > More

A half-true Kosovar story and five million euros in between

by Jeton Neziraj | Literature

At the end of March, the former Government of Kosovo decided to allocate a fund of five million euros for athletes and artists from the independent cultural scene. The “emergency package,” as it was called, aimed to help artists and athletes at a time when, due to the pandemic, all cultural and sports activities were completely cancelled. There was room for enthusiasm. Damn it, I said, something normal is happening in this country at last! When I told my colleagues and international friends about this, in the various zoom-discussions we had at the time, everyone was amazed. I mean, a similar fund had been allocated in Germany, Switzerland… and perhaps in other western countries. But in Kosovo?!! A Romanian colleague of mine jokingly told me that she envied us and that after the pandemic she would be moving to Kosovo. > More